Nevadans Approve Renewable Energy Increase

Voters in Nevada approved Question 6 on Tuesday, calling for electric utilities to acquire half of their energy from renewable sources by 2030.  The initiative was overwhelmingly approved by nearly 60% of voters.  Current law requires utilities acquire 25% of their electricity from renewable sources, including solar, wind and hydro, by 2025.  Renewables are especially attractive in a location like Nevada, which has the highest insolation in the country.  Question 6 is the first step in making higher renewable levels law.  Nevada requires such measures be approved in two consecutive elections.

The solar industry responded positively to the developments in Nevada, expecting that new renewable energy developments will create thousands of jobs, reduce pollution and reduce electricity costs for customers across the state.  In addition, the overwhelming support for the initiative, said Solar Energy Industry Association, demonstrates the substantial bipartisan acknowledgement of the benefits of renewable energy and support for policies that encourage its growth.

The Nevada measure was just one victory for renewable energy and proponents of reducing emissions responsible for climate change.  A number of other ballot initiatives and candidates across the country that support the growth of renewable energy that won across the country Tuesday.