Don’t pay your next Federal Income Tax Estimated Payment – Invest It!


No one likes to pay taxes. So what if you could invest your next quarterly estimated federal tax payment? Commercial solar investments allow you to do just that. Our projects provide immediate tax credits and deductions equal to more than your capital invested (assuming 39% marginal Federal tax rate). So you can put your money to work – for your future and the environment – instead of paying Uncle Sam!

But this is just one of the many investor benefits of commercial solar.  Other commercial solar investment attributes include:

  • High risk-adjusted after-tax investment returns
  • High-quality, professionally engineered and installed systems
  • Predictable long-term cash flows
  • High quality hosts / power purchase agreement counterparties (municipalities, community organizations and commercial enterprises)
  • Five year investment term (the minimum required holding period to receive tax benefits)

See our website for more details.  And don’t forget to check out our recently published Commercial Solar Investor Primer.  Contact us for currently available commercial solar development projects.

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