Durable, scalable, measurable impact

In what we believe is the first such arrangement of its kind, Windmill Capital Management has partnered with Families 4 Philanthropy and the Net Positive Fund to commit a portion of management revenues to supports the foundation’s commitment to create positive global change


Windmill Capital Management’s commitment to create a Return on Investment and Return on Impact means we provide investors meaningful data on our measurable impact on People, Planet, and Animals.


  • Access to sustainable energy
  • Access to sustainable food.
  • Reduction in crop failures
  • Reduction in human displacement.
  • Improved human health.
  • Reduced disease
  • Water conservation
  • Job creation


  • Reduction in green house gas emissions
  • Reduction in pollution
  • Prevention of ecosystem collapse
  • Reduction in deforestation
  • Conservation of critical habitat
  • Reversal of polar ice melting
  • Protection of coastal areas
  • Reduction of ocean acidification


  • Wildlife conservation
  • Habitat conservation
  • Reduction in human/wildlife conflict
  • Reduction illegal wildlife trade
  • Preservation of fisheries
  • Support of biodiversity
  • River restoration



As an impact investor, WCM adapts its investment strategy to reflect our support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. On a portfolio basis, our investments address 16 of the 17 SDGs,