Durable, scalable, measurable impact

Windmill Capital Management has committed a portion of management revenues to support local, national and international efforts to create positive change.


Windmill Capital Management’s commitment to Return on Investment and Return on Impact means we provide investors meaningful data on our measurable impact on People, Planet, and Animals.


  • Access to sustainable energy
  • Access to sustainable food
  • Reduction in human displacement
  • Improved human health
  • Water conservation
  • Job creation


  • Reduction in green house gas emissions
  • Reduction in pollution
  • Reduction in deforestation
  • Reversal of polar ice melting
  • Protection of coastal areas
  • Reduction of ocean acidification


  • Wildlife conservation
  • Habitat conservation
  • Reduction in human/wildlife conflict
  • Preservation of fisheries
  • Support of biodiversity
  • River restoration



As an impact investor, WCM adapts its investment strategy to reflect our support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. On a portfolio basis, our investments address 16 of the 17 SDGs,