Energy Security – Another Renewable Benefit

Renewable energy, including wind, solar and geothermal, are often and correctly cited as providing significant environmental benefits.  Often overlooked, however, are the energy security benefits of renewables.

First and foremost, renewable energy sources are free and unlimited.  Renewable energy has no reliance on the global fuel supply, which is subject to economic and geopolitical risks.  In addition, renewable energy assets place the source of energy at the site where the energy is used (distributed) as opposed to utility provided power, which is centralized.  Distributed energy systems are far less susceptible to interruption from aging infrastructure, natural disasters or human error or interference. And because the fuel is also delivered onsite by nature, there’s no risk that the fuel supply can be interrupted.  Finally, renewable energy, especially solar, can be deployed rapidly, increasing its flexibility and utility as an energy source.

To see these various benefits in action one need not look further than the U.S. military.  U.S. armed forces have long taken advantage of solar as an energy source in both forward positions and bases here at home.  Customized solar arrays can be rapidly deployed in virtually any location, obviate the need and risk of fuel convoys and eliminate catastrophic risk of fuel storage.

Investment in renewable energy presents a host of benefits, of which reduction in greenhouse gasses is just one.  As the reliability and security of our energy becomes more critical, the many benefits of renewable energy will continue to shine through.