Windmill is your preferred clean energy project finance partner

Top clean energy sponsors, developers and operators often lack the time and/or expertise to raise capital effectively and consistently. When capital needs eclipse capital sourcing capabilities, Windmill Capital Management is your partner for growth.  We take on capital sourcing and investor management so you can focus on successful projects.


Windmill Capital Management is your preferred clean energy project finance partner. We finance developer-owned projects as well as purchasers. Financing packages are available for single projects or small portfolios.

Financing structures include tax equity, term debt and preferred equity. Our underwriting based on energy cost savings / project cash flow rather than developer or offtaker credit.  Loan to cost ratio is typically 75% and higher, depending on project cash flows.

Working with Windmill

Investments range from less than $1 million to $5 million and up with terms as short as 5 years


Capital sourced through a national network of institutional and high net worth investors


We provide clear investment parameters and underwriting /financing terms for you to offer to customers to grow your business


Our transaction structuring expertise and market knowledge helps save time and money when securing project financing


We undertake extensive project, sponsor and financial underwriting to accelerate closing


We facilitate project reports and documentation to reduce your due diligence burden


We utilize our tax expertise to properly structure and document tax equity investments

Windmill Capital Management is currently seeking discussions with clean energy project sponsors, developers and EPCs, especially in the western U.S. and Hawaii.

If you have an existing project you would like us to consider, you can provide additional information here.

Contact Us for more information about working with Windmill Capital Management.

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