Committed to lasting, measurable impact

Windmill Capital Management is a global clean and renewable (CARE) investor and asset manager. Our team aligns our interests with those of our LPs, operating partners, and communities to generate meaningful, measurable, and lasting impact.

Beyond profits: Family office and high net worth investors are seeking more than just financial returns from their investments. We believe that no investment category better exemplifies the potential of sustainable investing, without sacrificing profit, than clean energy.

Beyond impact: Triple bottom-line investing takes place at the intersection of people, planet and profits where science, technology and economics combine for the sustainability of our planet and our returns. We believe in the need to understand and act on all three to realize the full potential of clean energy investments.

Beyond legacy: Ensuring a viable planet and continued profitability is the greatest contribution we could leave for future generations, providing our families and children with the greatest of all gifts – a healthy planet that encourages diversified investments.

Beyond expectations: Windmill Capital Management takes impact investing one giant step further by helping our operating partners expand their reach and see around corners. In addition WCM is committed to giving back to our communities and the planet.

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Windmill Capital Management brings more than 25 years of experience to support the needs of both clean energy project sponsors and investors. Our expertise includes investment banking, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, operations, taxes and asset management. We identify high quality projects, structure appropriate capital structures, and source investments.  Our team has successfully completed more than $10 billion of capital markets transactions and $40 billion of public company mergers and acquisitions. With diligent analysis and underwriting, we increase transparency in inherently opaque transactions, expanding the marketplace for clean energy project development and investment.


Our founder, Brian Jones, established Windmill Capital Management to broaden the commercial and industrial clean energy capital ecosystem.  Mr. Jones spent more than 15 years on Wall Street as a real estate investment banker helping REITs and other real estate operators increase stakeholder value through access to new capital and strategic transactions.  He later helped build a $30 billion asset manager where he led investment strategy innovation and served as Chief Financial Officer to two publicly-traded affiliate companies. Earlier in his career, Mr. Jones was a tax manager at a Big 4 accounting firm.  Mr, Jones is a Certified Public Accountant, licensed in California since 1994 (inactive). 


Windmill Capital Management is committed to investment and business practices that drive positive and lasting impact for our investors, operating partners, employees, communities and the planet

Exceptional partnerships – we are personally invested in our collective financial and impact success

Think differently – we cultivate a culture that challenges conventional thinking and promotes diverse ideas in the pursuit of mutually beneficial outcomes

Purposeful persistence – we believe every day is a new opportunity to find a better way to serve our investors, partners and the planet

It takes a team – we encourage cooperative business practices and work effectively and respectfully with partners as well as “competitors”

Character counts – we value personal integrity, humility, compassion, courage and conviction


At Windmill Capital Management, we believe we owe a duty to our professional and social communities to participate in organizations where we can make a difference. Windmill Capital Management is a proud member of the following industry and community associations:

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