Earth Month Ends

Earth Month Ends

The Earth Day Network represents over a billion people around the world focused on bringing about a better future. Through a number of key campaigns, Earth Days educates and activates toward specific ends. Windmill Capital Management’s posts for Earth Month 2019 have attempted to draw attention to the importance of protecting species around the globe, but there is much more that we can do.

Reforestation – Reforestation is an important activity for a number of reasons. Not only do forests provide habitat for innumerable species of animals and other plants, they also improve our climate. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the environment and generate oxygen. In addition, trees capture vast amounts of carbon.

Green Cities – Reforestation is not only a rural matter – many cities are undergoing urban renewal through reforestation. In cities, trees provide shade, reduce ambient temperatures and clean the air. Additional initiatives to make our cities more sustainable include greater efficiency and investments in renewable technology.

Plastic Pollution – Many people do not realize that plastics are petroleum products. Thus, reducing our use of plastics reduces the amount of oil & gas we must extract. In addition, plastics to not biodegrade. Unless they are properly recycled, plastics remain in the environment indefinitely. There, plastics find themselves in animal digestive tracts, often resulting in death.

Climate Change – We are already experiencing the effects of climate change as a result of global warming. Weather is becoming more extreme and heat waves are more common. We know that human activities, including burning fossil fuels and changes to our environment, are causing global warming. The key to stopping and reversing global warming lies in changing our behavior to increase our sustainable activities.

Windmill Capital Management is dedicated to doing our part to promote reforestation, reduce plastic pollution and impede global warming. Our investments promote renewable energy sources. We are especially excited about new technologies that can recycle plastics to generate power and fuel. And we have dedicated a portion of our revenue to reforestation in partnership with One Tree Planted. We look forward to continuing our work.

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