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Windmill Capital Management Partners with OneTREEPlanted

Windmill Capital Management Partners with OneTREEPlanted

Windmill Capital Management (“WCM”) is pleased to open 2019 with a renewed commitment to our planet. WCM has partnered with OneTREEPlanted to plant a tree for every kilowatt of renewable and alternative energy projects we finance in 2019. The partnership reflects our steadfast commitment to preserving, protecting and renewing the environment as well as our expectation that the work we do have a beneficial impact for generations to come.

The team at WCM determined to contribute to reforestation for a number of reasons. First, we have seen firsthand the impact on our landscape from wildfires and subsequent land erosion. 2018 was a particularly difficult year for communities around California impacted by wildfires and we stand behind the efforts to help renew these areas.

Second, we see industrial deforestation as a particularly destructive human activity. It displaces wildlife, threatening entire species, as well as indigenous cultures that rely on them. Industrial deforestation also reduces our planet’s ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and sequester carbon in the long term. Atmospheric increases in carbon dioxide is a major contributor to increasing acidity levels in our oceans, the greatest impact of which can be seen in the destruction of corals in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Coral vitality portends the future of the entire food chain.

Finally, we are ardent supporters of childhood education that incorporates exposure to the outdoors and believe planting trees is an important contribution to making forests available to all. Not only does exposure to the outdoors promote children’s self-awareness and self-reliance, it also increases interdependence and social competence. A walk through the through the woods with our children (and dogs!) is both calming and energizing.

Windmill Capital Management would also like to thank our renewable energy developer and investor partners for a successful 2018. We look forward to continuing the progress we made toward developing more efficient commercial and industrial renewable energy project capital markets and expanding our partner network in 2019.

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