Clean Energy Finance and Investment Serving developers and investors to expand the green capital ecosystem

Windmill Capital Management is focused on meeting the under-served capital needs of the commercial and industrial (C&I) clean energy market, including solar, cogeneration and biomass.  We assist experienced project sponsors to grow by cultivating new funding sources. And we facilitate investment in clean energy projects with comprehensive underwriting and transaction structuring expertise.

How we help.

We identify high-quality C&I clean energy investment opportunities and bring them to high net worth, family office and institutional investors looking for socially responsible investments and sustainable returns.  Our focus is on asset longevity, sponsor stability and cash flow.

Windmill Capital Management has underwritten $ billions of

clean energy, infrastructure and real estate investments


We source projects from a nationwide network of clean energy developers who are leaders in their respective fields / regions. We undertake extensive financial and qualitative diligence with a focus on:

Predictable cash flow and returns

Attractive tax benefits

High-quality assets with persistent long-term value

Institutional-quality sponsors

Learn more about target asset classes, our underwriting process and available investments here.

Why invest in clean energy? Clean energy resources are a viable, long-term alternatives to utility-provided electrical power. Clean energy is lower cost, more reliable and better for the environment. Plus, clean energy facilities can reliably generate electricity for 30 years or more with proper maintenance, making these assets ideal for long-term, income-oriented investors. Learn More

Clean energy developers,

We’re your partner in growth


Top clean energy developers often lack the time and/or expertise to raise capital effectively and consistently. This is especially true when your success outpaces your capital. Windmill Capital Management is your partner for growth, taking on the capital sourcing and investor management so you can focus on executing successful projects and growing your business. Learn more about how we work with clean energy developers here.

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